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Registered: ‎06-18-2021

Missing xadcps driver when building xilskey lib

I want to burn fuses for authentication/encryption, so I need to build the xilskey lib.  I'm following XAPP1175.  On Windows, where I am using SDK 2019.1, I could get this to build if I manually added the xadcps driver the to bsp project.  xilskey_ep.c includes xadcps.h.  There are other dependencies on definitions acssociated the the xadcps driver.

I would like to build the xilskey lib on our Linux system, where the rest of uor code base is.  We have Vivado 2019.2 on that system.  Unfortunately, even though data/embeddedsw/license.txt implies that the xadcps driver should exist in the distribution, it does not.  How do I get this driver onto my system?  

The xilskey version is 6.8.  

And I don't even care about this a-d conversion, but I'm forced to include it, simply to burn fuses.

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