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Visitor freespiril
Registered: ‎09-27-2008

Need help about reading writing data to Virtex II Pro board

Hey I am a beginner learning to use Virtex II Pro board XC2VP30.

I plan to read and write data between my laptop and the board by using the RS 232.

But I am confused about the procedure.

1) Do I have to install EDK in order to store my data entered from my laptop to the board ?

2) If so, there is the procedure I am thinking to run. Please correct me if it does not make any sense.

  a) install ISE and EDK

  b) generate bit file and load it to the board

  c) write c codes from pc end and compile it using XPS shell window ?(not sure )


3) should i need to generate system netlist... so on ?


Is there any step I left out ?

Please let me know if anyone know where I can find tutorial, reference data or books about how to do this.

I greatly appreciate it.



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Registered: ‎03-24-2009

Re: Need help about reading writing data to Virtex II Pro board

Hello am also having the same problems were you able to resolve your problems. Kindly help me too the only difference is that I wish to program through USB interface.
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