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Registered: ‎06-08-2015

Plot performance analysis data



I am usign zynq 7000 with vivado and sdk 2015.1, I profiling a software usinf the performance analysis tool of sdk, which plot all the data just in time, but I can not save this data I would to ask you how i can download this.


I check the folder of the sdk project and i found a folder called "Performance_Statistics" where there many cvs files, each file has the next columns




Using the table in the page 20 of  Xilinx Software Development Kit (SDK) User Guide, i ma reploting in matlab the data, the issue is that Miss rate, write stall and read stall are perfect, data cache access doesn't have any formula, and utilization and IPC have the same shape but the values are incorrect

The matlab code is:




I just want to get the data of APU counter save in some way that i can analyse later with out run again the code, any help you can give me is wellcome


Thanks in advance!

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