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Visitor cayla
Registered: ‎03-23-2009

Problem wit xps_epc



I previously used obp_epc in a design with EDK 8.2. The epc was configured in non multiplexed bus asynchronous, 10 bits ADDRESS and 16 bits DATA with relative slow timings. Everything works fine


Now i migrate to PLB (EDK 10.1) and use xps_epc with the same parameters in MHS, the half word read access fail for addresses not aligned 4 bytes (in my case OK for 0x60000008 bad for 0x6000000A). When i say bad it means when i write to the location 0x6000000A with DATA=0x1234 (xmd mwr 0x6000000A 0x1234 1 h) i read back 0x0000 (xmd mrd 0x6000000A 1 h). When i spy the data lines with logic analyzer the data is good on the data lines.


Next i try to use the old obp_epc with the plb2opb bridge in the new design and it works.


Is there a known bug in xps_epc 









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