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Registered: ‎11-23-2010

Reg: Speeding up ISE 10.1 compilation time ... switching to ISE 12.1...



I am currently running ISE 10.1 on windows XP, Intel core2 Duo, with a clock speed of 2.33GHz and 3.23GB of ram.


I usually compile designs (make bitfiles) for a Virtex5 FPGA. The time to make the bitfile is about 45 mins.


I was wondering if I kept the same OS and hardware, and switched to ISE 12.1, will it have any effect on the compilation time? Will it help reduce the bitfile generation time? Or should I upgrade my computer hardware as well to work better with 12.1?


Or should I simply upgrade the computer, while keeping ISE 10.1? Will that help reduce the compilation times?


Also, I dont have planahead with ISE 10.1. Will manually floorplanning the FPGA design help reduce the bitfile generation time?


Please let me know ...


Thanks and regards,

Zubin Kumar.


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Registered: ‎03-31-2011

well ise 10.1 is fine for xp but its not compatible with 64bit machine and also creates problem with win 7.


Ur pc seems perfect, its better to update the ISE, 14.4 or 14.5 is good and it has plan ahead..12.1 is not bad option but its good to go with latest version..


genarating .bit file involves with the ur design size, if u have more peripherals it will take time but 45 min is too long..better to switch to new vesrion


remember ISE 14.4 is perfect with 8gb ram, win 7 & 64bit


good luck

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