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Registered: ‎07-25-2016

SDK 2017.2 large file on stdin

Hi everyone,

I'm debugging a C++ bare-metal application on a Zynq ZC702 board. Since I need to read some data from a file, I decided to redirect stdin to a file in workspace. In doing so, I setup the proper "Run Configuration" settings (see figure).




In my code, I then simply use the scanf() (or fscanf()) function, as follows:




scanf("%d", &no_of_nodes);
printf("no_of_nodes = %d\n", no_of_nodes);

int start, edgeno;   

// initalize the memory
for( unsigned int i = 0; i < no_of_nodes; i++) 
	fscanf(stdin, "%d %d",&start,&edgeno);
	h_graph_nodes[i].starting = start;
	h_graph_nodes[i].no_of_edges = edgeno;



So far I'm able to read the initial value (no_of_nodes) and a bunch of elements without any problem.


The problem arises in the for loop: after an unspecified number of elements, I start reading totally wrong values.

The application runs till the end, but the results are definitely not correct.


My question is then: why is this happening? Is it related to the dimension of the file, being around 190KB?


Would you have any suggestion to solve this issue or, even better, suggest me a way to read files in bare-metal applications?


Thanks in advance,




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