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Registered: ‎08-01-2018

SDK 2018.3 Update to LWIP 2.1.0 or later for socket poll support

The included lwip is at version 2.0.2 and does not have support for the socket poll function.  E.g. to check multiple sockets if data is ready with POLLIN.  I have existing code that uses poll and our software standards are to use poll rather than select. Rewriting to code to use select is possible but not desired.

I was wondering if Xilinx plans to update to lwip 2.1.x in the near future or if there is a process that I can follow to do it myself. LWIP added poll support in 2.1.0.  Currently the latest version is 2.1.2.  If you search the change log for poll -

I can see the lwip sources are under \ps7_cortexa9_0\libsrc\lwip202_v1_2\src\ and the headers are copied up to ps7_cortexa9_0\include\lwip\ and \netif.  My concern however is that there are also xilinx specific files under \netif (filenames start with x).  According to the oslib_rm.pdf, "The lwip202_v1_1 is an SDK library that is built on the open source lwIP library version 2.0.2.". 

So, I'm not sure I can simply drop in the newer version of lwip myself.  I've also noticed the makefiles in \libsrc\lwip202_v1_2\src\ reference individual source files.  I'm also unsure if updating the lwip source myself is not reccomended.  

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