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Registered: ‎10-04-2018

SDK Terminal shows no comm port, Hello World xc7020 project, ubuntu 18.04

Hi, I know that very similar questions WRT to this problem have been asked and I have read several answers.

I am running the latest vivado and sdk versions.

I have a zynq zybo board with zc7020 and I have sucessfully loaded the "Hello World" program onto the board, so I know that the microusb cable from the usb port is making a connection to the board. There is a green led on the board that indicates when a program is loaded and I do get this indication. I also get a message in the SDK log that the FPGA was configured successfully with a bitstream.

However, when I "run" the program, I get no "hello world". In the directions for communicating with the FPGA, I have read that in the "SDK Terminal" I sould be able to set a "serial port" with the correct baud rate, etc. I am not connected via serial port but by USB, so when I click the + in the SDK Terminal window I see, under "basic settings->Port: nothing. No ports. 

So, if I am capable of loading the program, and all that it is supposed to do is :

int main()

    print("Hello World\n\r");

    return 0;

What should I do in order to see "Hello World" in the console?

Thank You


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎10-06-2016

Hi @miner_tom ,

If your SDK Terminal is not able to list any available COM port then you have issues with the FTDI drivers. As you can see in the official Zybo documentation the serial ports are provided with a FTDI chip that works with USB. I would suggest you to first run the demos provided in the digilent website to ensure you have everything in place, including the serial drivers and the move into Vivado + SDK flow.


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