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Registered: ‎02-18-2009

USB debugging connection problem ISE 10.1



I am trying to do debugging using XPS and USB port as interface to my costum board.


This is the procedure:


I generated the bit file with debug_module attached among others modules like microblaze (using system builder wizard), then I downloaded the system to my board using Impact/XPS then I started the XMD server, showing a successful connection to board detecting microblaze and others typical modules even the USB cable and drivers are shown in the XMD console.


Running the "Software debugger" in XPS (specifiying the JTAG cable) the dialog shown is XDB could not connect to remote target ... Could not detect MDM peripheral in the hardware...


The thing is that XMD console shown the peripheral attached to the system and one the them is MDM peripheral "called debug_module".


maybe is something related with the ISE version or OS (VISTA). But If it was the USB cable functionallity  I could not download the software using this port, which is not the case.


Sorry for my grammar, I hope  you can help



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Registered: ‎02-18-2009

I was reviewing the xmd console mesagges and comparing with a successful connection, and the connection is well stablished with the entire chain which is composed of 2 FPGA's, 1CLPL and 3 ROMS, after that XMD prompt appears, but there is not a connection between the server and the MDM module inside the 5th element of the chain. Maybe the device for debugging selected is not correct. Is there a way to explicit the debugging device  to the GDB server?


Thank you

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Registered: ‎02-18-2009

Well it was not so easy, here is the answer if some of you have the same question.


connect mb mdm -cable type xilinx_platformusb port USB21 frequency 6000000 -debugdevice deviceNr 5


with this you specify the debug device in the chain that have the mdm module, can you also configure the port used.




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