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Registered: ‎03-25-2014

Use a register as input to EDK



I'm trying to write to a register using SDK and then use that value to select a state in EDK

That input is a value to select what I want to do in EDK.


If it is only a one bit value I read it in this way in EDK:

s_wr_en<= slv_reg_write_sel(1) and Bus2IP_Data(31);


Now, I need 3 bit in order to cover the different states.

I was thinking of this, but it doesn't work.

s_select <= slv_reg_write_sel(4 to 6) and Bus2IP_Data(29 to 31)

If I do it like this, EDK will only read out 001 or 000... (I want to go from 000 to 111).


Anyone has a suggestion how to do it?



Thanks in advance


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎02-01-2008

Re: Use a register as input to EDK

Without taking too close of a look, I think your second example is using three different address decodes but I expect you want three data bits at one address.


So it would be more like:

s_select(0 to 2) <= slv_reg_write_sel(4) and Bus2IP_Data(29 to 31);


So when slv_reg_write_sel bit 4 is active, all three data bits are clocked into the three bit s_select.

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Registered: ‎03-25-2014

Re: Use a register as input to EDK

I have tried but I get the error: "Indexed name is not a std_logic_vector"


Also, can I assume that the registers are read all the time? Or is it only read when I change the value of the register?

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Registered: ‎03-25-2014

Re: Use a register as input to EDK

(Is there a way to edit my post?)

The code that I use in SDK to write to the register is:

xil_printf("slv6:=0x%08X\n\r", *ptr_wr_slv6); //register I use as input
xil_printf("slv7:=0x%08X\n\r", *ptr_wr_slv7); // should read out value of s_select
xil_printf("Address where we want to write 0x%08X \n\r",*ptr_wr_slv5);
writeLoc = *ptr_wr_slv5; //register where address is stored
*ptr_wr_slv1 = 0x00000001; // register used to enable write mod
xil_printf("enable: 0x%08X\n\r", *ptr_wr_slv1);
xil_printf("Address : 0x%08X  value: 0x%08X \n\r",writeLoc, *writeLoc);//writeLoc is used to read out in software to check if written correct

 The code in EDK is:

  SLAVE_REG_WRITE_PROC : process( Bus2IP_Clk ) is

    if Bus2IP_Clk'event and Bus2IP_Clk = '1' then
      if Bus2IP_Reset = '1' then
        slv_reg0 <= (others => '0');
        slv_reg1 <= (others => '0');
     --   slv_reg2 <= (others => '0');
     --   slv_reg3 <= (others => '0');
     --   slv_reg4 <= (others => '0');
     --   slv_reg5 <= (others => '0');
        slv_reg6 <= (others => '0');
    --    slv_reg7 <= (others => '0');
        case slv_reg_write_sel is
          when "10000000" =>slv_reg0 <= Bus2IP_Data; --reset
          when "01000000" =>slv_reg1 <= Bus2IP_Data; --enable
     --   when "00100000" =>slv_reg2 <= Bus2IP_Data; --write data
     --   when "00010000" =>slv_reg3 <= Bus2IP_Data; --done
     --     when "00001000" =>slv_reg4 <= Bus2IP_Data; --addrAck
     --     when "00000100" =>slv_reg5 <= Bus2IP_Data; --addr
          when "00000010" =>slv_reg6 <= Bus2IP_Data; --select what to write
      --    when "00000001" =>slv_reg7 <= Bus2IP_Data;
          when others => null;
        end case;
      end if;
    end if;

  end process SLAVE_REG_WRITE_PROC;

	if (clk' event and clk='1') then
			s_wr_en<= slv_reg_write_sel(1) and Bus2IP_Data(31); --enable read -> in software 0x00000001 to enable it
			s_select <= (Bus2IP_Data(29 to 30))&(slv_reg_write_sel(6) and Bus2IP_Data(31)); --select what to write in
		--	s_select (2 downto 0) <= slv_reg_write_sel(6) and Bus2IP_Data(29 to 31); --select what to write in
			s_addrAck <= AddrAck;
			addr <= s_addr;
			Done <= s_done;
			slv_reg2 <= s_dataIn; --data that is written
			slv_reg3 <= "0000000000000000000000000000000"& s_done;--done
			slv_reg4 <= "0000000000000000000000000000000" & s_AddrAck;
			slv_reg5 <= s_addr;
			slv_reg7 <= "00000000000000000000000000000" & s_select;

	end if;
end process;

 now the problem is that the data in register7 stays the same. (always 0x00000000)

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