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Registered: ‎07-11-2010

Using axi_bram_ctrl peripheral from Microblaze software

Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone could provide some info on how to properly write code to control this peripheral.


I've got it connected to a dual-port BRAM that's external to the Microblaze, and I've brought out all of the BRAM signals (addr, wr_data, en_a, en_b, etc.) out of the Microblaze as external pins. How do I write a C routine for the Microblaze, such that a read from side B of the dual-port occurs? I assume that a read address location needs to be passed... I also expect to see the side B enable (en_b) to toggle high, and the rd_addr_b to show the address I select. Anyone know how to make this happen?


I looked at the driver stuff that comes with the peripheral in the EDK install sw directory... I saw Xil_In32 macros, etc., but don't really understand how this will actually control the peripheral. Are there any examples for this? The self test that comes with the peripheral tells me very little.

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