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Registered: ‎05-01-2019

Vitis Workspace Version Control

I can't seem to check in the Vitis workspace to a git repository in a way that is reproducable, even on my own machine just to a different directory (e.g. check in all files, push up to github, check out to new directory, switch workspaces and have all my projects show up and build correctly).

It seems even if I check every file in, someone else cloning my repository would have to import all the projects into their workspace. Is this intended? 

I've also noticed the hardware specification file paths are asbolute in the "platform.spr" files within a platform project. Is there any way to make Vitis use a relative path? Manually telling the platform project to "Update Hardware Specification" and pointing it to the new location is a workaround but ideally this path would be relative to the workspace root or project root.

I've also noticed there is a way to export all the projects in a workspace to a zip archive, which someone else can then import. Is this currently the best way to share workspaces? 

Lastly, as some feedback to Xilinx as I try to work through this: I think it overall has been a good idea to decouple the software concerns of the old SDK from Vivado altogether, and for this reason I want Vitis to be great. But a software IDE shouldn't be this difficult to use with revision control. I don't imagine many developers want to deal with revision controlling zip archives.

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Registered: ‎06-19-2018

same problem here.

@Xilinx: is there any solution or workaround?

Using XSCT, seems to be one only workaround:

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