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Scholar wzab
Registered: ‎08-24-2011

Vivado 2015.4 - Generated AXI4 peripherial with Master interface causes error "[Synth 8-403] loop limit (65538) exceeded" (wrong clogb2 implementation)

I wanted to create a simple AXI4 Peripheral to be used a base for tests and further development.

I've selected "Create and package IP", then "Create a new AXI4 Peripheral" and in section "Add interfaces" I've added one slave interface and one master interface.

The peripheral worked perfectly for small number of Master Interface transactions (parameter C M00 AXI TRANSACTIONS NUM in the customization GUI).

However, later I wanted to use it to test transfer of bigger sets of data, and I increased the number of transactions to 1048576.

This resulted in the following compilation error:

 [Synth 8-403] loop limit (65538) exceeded [".../sources_1/bd/top/ipshared/user.org/wzab_ip_ms_v1_0/hdl/wzab_ip_ms_v1_0_M00_AXI.vhd":104]

[Synth 8-421] mismatched array sizes in rhs and lhs of assignment [".../sources_1/bd/top/ipshared/user.org/wzab_ip_ms_v1_0/hdl/wzab_ip_ms_v1_0_M00_AXI.vhd":123]


I checked the sources and found that the problem is associated with the strange implementation of the clogb2 function:



   -- function called clogb2 that returns an integer which has the
    -- value of the ceiling of the log base 2
    function clogb2 (bit_depth : integer) return integer is            
         variable depth  : integer := bit_depth;                               
         variable count  : integer := 1;                                       
          for clogb2 in 1 to bit_depth loop  -- Works for up to 32 bit integers
          if (bit_depth <= 2) then                                           
            count := 1;                                                      
            if(depth <= 1) then                                              
                count := count;                                                
                depth := depth / 2;                                            
              count := count + 1;                                            
              end if;                                                          
            end if;                                                            
       end loop;                                                             

   Basing on the decscription, that it should return the ceiling of the log2, I ve prepared equivalent, but much simpler implementation, which works correctly even for bigger arguments:



  function clogb2 (bit_depth : integer) return integer is
    variable depth : integer := 1;
    variable count : integer := 1;
    count := 0;
    while depth < bit_depth loop        
      count := count + 1;
      depth := depth * 2;
    end loop;

I have successfully tested the above solution with 4MB transfers (1024*1024 32-bit transactions).




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