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[Vivado 2017.2] Problem with *.mmi file

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[Vivado 2017.2] Problem with *.mmi file

I can't get a *.mmi file.


I have the block design.

3x MicroBlaze System.png

There is the Address Editor.

Address Editor.png


When I try to create *.mmi file from Tcl Console.


write_mem_info D:/out.mmi


I get this.


CRITICAL WARNING: [Memdata 28-122] data2mem failed with a parsing error. Check the bmm file or the bmm_info_* properties on the BRAM components. The design BRAM components initialization strings have not been updated.
CRITICAL WARNING: [Memdata 28-147] Could not complete BRAM data initialization for processor. Please check to ensure any BMM and ELF files in the design have correct proper scoping specified. Design will proceed but BRAM initialization strings will not be populated with contents of the ELF file.
ERROR: [Common 17-69] Command failed: Failed to create the: D:/out.mmi The design contains processors. Verify processor instances and connectivity.


The goal is to get access to any microblaze's memory from any microblaze.


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Re: [Vivado 2017.2] Problem with *.mmi file

can you try with the attached script? 

source this from the tcl console, and use the command write_mem_info_int test.mmi for example


You will need to implment the design first