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Registered: ‎10-25-2012

What decides the throughput of ethernet?

The ethernet can work in different working mode 100m, 1000m. If the ethernet is working in 1000m mode, does this mean the highest throughput can reach 1000mbps?


Besides working mode, What decides the throughput of ethernet? If I edit  the Lwip echo sever application to do the data transfer from board to computer, and in computer I use terminal tera term to receive data, will the terminal affect the throughput?


Thanks very much.

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Re: What decides the throughput of ethernet?

well alot of things device the performance. The hardware, the PHY, the host settings in this case.


with the hardware, we can run at a higher clock speed, we can enable checksum, you can optimise the Microblaze too

to push some of the executable tasks to hardware (enable barrell shifter ect..). Also, depending on what device you are using you will be limited to the ethernet (v6, has ETHERNET IP which can run up to 1000, s6 has ethernet lite which can run up to 100).


Then the application will have some overhead. to try reduce this, only enable the application that you want to run. In the XAPP1026, their are expected performance numbers for the tx/rx perf applications on various boards.


Finally, the HOST settings can be tuned to try squeeze some extra performance. For example increasing the tcp window size.


This is all mentioend in the xapp1026

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