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Visitor rosh
Registered: ‎06-12-2011

XPS_SPI begginer question



I haven't used SPI before and don't know anything outside of a text book context. Is there a way I can 'test' the Xilinx SPI IP Core (xps_spi), on the dev board ML505 ? I mean a very simple test just to understand how to use the SPI IP core.
All i have available is the ML505 virtex-5 development board I just want to send some data to something and see a
 light blink or something, just to get a feeling how to use the IP core (xps_spi).. The only thing i was able to find online(on the xilinx website) was to read the SPI Flash memory using this ip core, but this *sounds* a bit difficult to do..


This university project we are working on involves interfacing to a 16-bit DAC, a LCD, and SD Card on a custom PCB (using Spartan 3). But the prototype board is not ready now and we need to manage with the Development board.


Has anyone got any advice on how to go about using the xps_spi core in the EDK ? (a trivial excercise using the ML505 board).


Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Many Thanks,




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Visitor mece
Registered: ‎03-23-2011

Re: XPS_SPI begginer question

you can try example codes inside the xilinx installation directory. I dont remember the exact folder structure but it should be something like EDK/sw/IP.../spi[version_number]/example folder.
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