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Registered: ‎09-03-2007


I am trying to develop an IP and its associated driver. I want to generate a static driver configuration file <ip name>_g.c like the one generated by library generator for standard Xilinx IPs. I was trying to write a TCL file and include it with driver files.


I adopted my TCL file from Xilinx XUartLite driver TCL file.I recognized the TCL procedure "xdefine_config_file" used for the UartLite as the procedure which generates the "xuartlite_g.c" file.


I defined a configuration structure type in my <ip name>.h header file with the required configuration parameters. And I sued  "xdefine_config_file" in my IP TCL file to generate the <ip name>_g.c file.


The file is generated as I need but library generator gives me an error in the file "<ip name>_g.c" which says


"error: expected '=' , ',' , ';' , 'asm' , or '_attribute_' before '<ip name>_ConfigTable' [<ip name>_g.c]"


I exmained the generated <ip name>_g.c file very carfuy and I couldn't find any problems in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Does anybody know a solution for that?


I want to get the source of the procedure "xdefine_config_file", Does anybody know where I can find it?


 Where I can find the "xillib.tcl" file?


I am using EDK 10.1



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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎01-18-2008

The xillib* files are in $XILINX_EDK/data/datastructure


To figure out the issue with your _g.c files, please provide the relevant sections of your _g.c file, and the exact compiler error. You can also try adding -save-temps to your gcc compile line to get the intermediate files (after C pre processor runs). 

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