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Registered: ‎03-22-2014

Xillinux : using PL for parallel program



i use :


- ZedBoard


- Xillinux 



there is any documentation to run a parallel programm ( C ++ ) using PL and PS in the same time.


in other way, how can i affect ( not convert ), as i use one processor or 2 to execute my application, there is any solution to use the PL to execute a part or the hol program ?

please, i try to found a version of the JPEG Decoder, who have idea where can i get this code source ?

and a last question : how can i get the fréquency of the PL ( on Xillinux), i check the file ( system ), in generation folder ( before build core and bitstream file usig XPS and ISE ), how can i get this frequency ?

thank you

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