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Registered: ‎06-13-2019

ZCU102 Eval board error when debugging : AP transaction error, DAP status 30000021

Hello everyone,

I have a design which ran with ZC702 that I need to make run on a ZCU102 board. I use vivado 2019.1 with FreeRTOS.

When I tried to make run the code with cortexr5 processor after having change all the things linked to the Zynq Ultrascale+ in the bitstream code and the processor code, I get this error :

"Error while launching program:
AP transaction error, DAP status 30000021"

For debugging, I use these following settings :


When I used another hardware platform which is coming from an example design Vivado generated bitstream with the same configuration, it works. So I guess the problem is coming from my custom hardware platform, but I do not have any error when I generate the bitstream. So what did I make wrong?

Thanks for your answers.

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Registered: ‎03-25-2019

Re: ZCU102 Eval board error when debugging : AP transaction error, DAP status 30000021

Hi @lcorbin,

In the case of using two R5 cores to execute different code, you should activate the option "Enable RPU Split Mode".
Please enable it and try again.

If the issue persists, then double check if you are facing the issue described in this Answer Record AR#71961.
Using 2019.1 with the new ZCU102 with the new SoDIMM, you should make sure that you have selected the ZCU102 board as device (not just the part selection) on your Vivado project, and that you have properly run the "Run Block Automation":


Also, it doesn't really make sense to use both psu_init.tcl and FSBL to initialize your target. You should just use one of them.

Best regards,
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