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Registered: ‎01-16-2020

Zynq UartPs_1 interrupt issue

I have an application that uses UartPs_1 from Zynq in interrupt mode. I have problem with the interrupt on receive side, as follows.

I have to receive multiple messages with different lengths. These messages don't have a terminator. They are separated only by an idle condition (minimum 11 bits of "1").

To take into account this idle condition, I used the receiver timeout mechanism from Zynq. I'm not sure if it is OK.

Also, after the interrupt announces that all the data has been received
 successfully, I don't find a way to read the received data.

If I read byte with byte, it's working but I don't know where to stop reading for a certain received message (they can have different length in bytes). If I try to read the entire buffer, then the interrupt handler stops working.

I'm using the uartps_v3_6 driver and I used the examples provided for it, like "xuartps_intr_example".

Any suggestion might help me a lot. 
Thank you in advance.

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