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Visitor forthesujeet
Registered: ‎03-23-2008

ethernet and lwip / socket programming

Hi all,

          can anybody help me to use ethernet port for data transmission.

          I am explaining in brief of my work:

Aim: Some files(i.e.. Data) are stored in DDR of FPGA1 and i am trying to send these files to FPGA2 through Ethernet port.


Board used:

I have two spartan 3e 500e sptartar kits.


(additionally I have also extra resources one V5 ML 507 and one V4 ML405)


Work done successfully are below:

Approach 1:-  Using ISE

                       DDR interface done in ISE. And i may able to done on BSB.

                       In fact it is a not major problem for me.

                       Regarding my aim i tried to use IP core EMAC lite in ISE 10.1but i am not able understand various IP core interfaces of emac lite with my modules.

                       So i not proceeded in ISE.


Approach 2:- Using BSB

                       I have dumped a RTOS xilkernel in Spartan 3e 500e FPGA successfully and tested it's output at hyperterminal   (developed application having a boot program also).

                       I learnt socket programming using LWIP.

                       But i don't know the software platform and library settings to use lwip library in my SDK.

                       i don't know It is required to a RTOS like xilkernal for lwip socket programs ?

i found suggessions from sombody to use http://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/application_notes/xapp1026.pdf 

but as i saw it is dedicated application.

can anybody help me in useing lwip and its software platform settings. i will be very thankful to him.



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