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Observer hwoodhoo
Registered: ‎06-19-2015

init bram does not work with XPS 14.6 but works with command prompt

Hello everyone,


Once again, I'm having issues with EDK tool. I am using XPS14.6 (64 bit version). While generating the bitstream for my design and initialising BRAM, XPS states:


"Initializing BRAM contents of the bitstream"
bitinit -p xc6slx45tcsg324-2 mblaze_aModule_SP6_45T.mhs -lp C:/HWO_workdirectory/Amodule/Alignment/ -pe microblaze_0 ../aModule_Sw_carte_SP6_45T_UART_NoDebug_3Voies/UART_ctrl/Release/UART_ctrl.elf \
-bt implementation/mblaze_aModule_SP6_45T.bit -o implementation/download.bit


However, the bit file is not updated. When using the command prompt (64 bit version), the operation is completed and the bit file is updated.


My question is, why does the tool not update the bit file whereas the command prompt does? It is to be noted that when using the command prompt, the same makefile is invoked as the one used in XPS.


Thank you for your answers!


Kind regards,


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