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Registered: ‎05-28-2014

uart driver - interrupt handler



I have some difficulties understnading the UART driver behaviour, I hope someone can help shed some light on it.

The default example given with xuartns (or uartlite which is quite the same),  Pass test .

But I don't understand it clearly, especially when trying to make some modifications and test the results:

1. the default interrupt test sends and recieved 100 bytes. I see that tx interrupt counter (number of enteriing the interrupt for tx ) is 1, and for rx is 1, but rx_timeout is 12. Why are there 12 timeout interrupts ?

2. When trying only to send bytes (no calling for the receive data routine) I get no interrupt for finishing transmit !  Why is that ?

3, If I try to send less bytes then receive, then I get hugh number of interrupt for the reciever finished ! Why is that ?


I have tried to make some thinking about this strange results but have no idea yet.

Thank you for any comments.




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