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undefined inclusion and can't find include

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undefined inclusion and can't find include

Hello, I've been working with ZYBO board and started working with SDK, before that I've only used it to run the PL clocks, so it was just an empty main and I had no problem. First I wanted to try the audio demo, but I got many errors saying that certain .h includes couldn't be found, I looked for them and they were in one of the directories specified in the Paths and Symbols of the project. Then I tried the FreeRTOS and got the same type of errors, now I'm just tryng to run a simple HelloWorld and I still get unresolved inclusions and include errors. I'm sure this is a really noob question, but I would appreaciate any help. Am I missing any basic set up?

By the way, I was using 2017.2 first but I now I'm trying on 2016.4 and it's still the same.

Thank you.


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Re: undefined inclusion and can't find include

Hi @diana_rz,


Can you please post the error log from HelloWorld app?