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Visitor raiatea
Registered: ‎06-01-2015

xil_printf source code error ?


I looked at the source code of xil_printf and found two strange things:


1) dangerous and may be interpretated as careless coding, all the rest of the code is now suspicious.

line 292

		if(ctrl != NULL) {
			ch = *ctrl;
		else {
			ch = *ctrl;

2) could someone explain the use of the following code ? If it is useless it may be removed to reduce the size of the elf.

// lines starting with // are my own
// ctrl is a pointer to the current character in the format string
while ((ctrl != NULL) && (*ctrl != (char8)0)) { /* move format string chars to buffer until a */ // there is no buffer /* format control is found. */ // the output is direct if (*ctrl != '%') { outbyte(*ctrl); ctrl += 1; continue; } // here we exit a while *ctrl != '%', now *ctrl == '%', we are in a % format part if(ctrl != NULL) { ctrl += 1; } if(ctrl != NULL) { // next character after '%' ch = *ctrl; } switch (tolower((s32)ch)) { case '\\': // if format is '\', new to me switch (*ctrl) { // read again the same character: this looks like an error case 'r': // supposed to be reached when the string is %\\r outbyte( ((char8)0x0D)); break; case 'n': // supposed to be reached when the string is %\\n outbyte( ((char8)0x0D)); outbyte( ((char8)0x0A)); break; } ctrl += 1; // next character, error too late break;

The cases 'r' and 'n', supposed to be reached for '\r' and '\n' are in fact reached only for "%\\r" and "%\\n", and the compiler stores "\\" as '\'.

An error is that the switch is done twice on '\', ctrl should be incremented before the switch(*ctrl).


Anyway the ascii for CR '\r' is not stored by the compiler as two characters '\' and 'r' but as 0x0D, for LF '\n' it is 0x0A.

The % format syntax does not support any '\' code, or does it ?


The codes 0D and 0A are output in the first while loop. The tests after a '%' for a '\' seems useless and may be removed.


If I'm right, this code may need some clarification.



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Registered: ‎10-06-2016

Re: xil_printf source code error ?

Hi @raiatea,


Thanks for repoting this out, I will provide the informatino to the developers so they can take a look.




Don’t forget to reply, kudo, and accept as solution.
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