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Observer jqsam1
Registered: ‎02-16-2015

2015.4 petalinux SD card detection pin (not working?)

Good Day all,

Was compiling the kernel for a custom board which need an SD card just for storage filesystem (not for booting), booting was done in QSPI instead. My SD setup (using SD1 MIO 1.8v) has a WP and CD delicated pin. For device tree bindings, has-cd = <0x1>, has-wp = <0x1> was used. During the kernel boots up, it was not able to detect the MicroSd card i inserted (fyi the card was properly formatted to Fat) , either before i insert the card before powering on or after. However, someone on the web suggusted to use the broken-cd binding, and to my surprise it actually works (mmc0 and mmcblk0p1 appeared on /dev/) but thats not i wanted and i cant figure out why it couldnt work without broken-cd. Fyi i have tried cd-inverted and it does not work too. Any help and advice? 

Many thanks my friends.

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