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Registered: ‎04-24-2017

2018.3 petalinux-package unsupported bit file


I've just upgraded to 2018.3 and am testing building linux.  There was a small problem with passing boot args via the device tree, so I removed them and thought I'll build once then look at it.  The build went fine, but when I try run 

petalinux-package --boot --fpga '.......zcu102.bit' --u-boot --force 

I get the following rather unhelpful error 



[ERROR] : Bitstream parsing error !!! Unsupported BIT file
ERROR: Fail to create BOOT image

I've followed the same procedure I've used on other version of Petalinux, so at least this used to work.  

I tested the bitstream via the SDK and it works fine via debug.  When I try a build a first stage bootloader (FSBL) with the SDK, I have to manually copy psu_init.c/h to the FSBL project and it then fails with the following errors:


Description	Resource	Path	Location	Type
address 0xfffeac24 of FSBL_ZCU_01_11_2018_3.elf section `.dup_data' is not within region `psu_ocm_ram_0_S_AXI_BASEADDR'	FSBL_ZCU_01_11_2018_3		 	                C/C++ Problem
make: *** [makefile:38: FSBL_ZCU_01_11_2018_3.elf] Error 1	FSBL_ZCU_01_11_2018_3		 	                                                                        C/C++ Problem
section .handoff_params VMA [00000000fffe9e00,00000000fffe9e87] overlaps section .dup_data VMA [00000000fffe9940,00000000fffeac23]	FSBL_ZCU_01_11_2018_3		 	C/C++ Problem

These two errors might be unrelated, but I doubt it.  Has upgrading the Vivado project to 2018.3 done something weird to the output bitstream?

 [Edit: Board is ZCU102 and running petalinux from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and SDK from Windows]


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