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Registered: ‎11-06-2017

AXI FIFO Stream Linux Driver

Dear all, 

We are trying to have a Linux Device Driver for the AXI FIFO Stream. We know that there are some useful drivers like  AXI Stream FIFO Linux Driver , thanks to @jacobfeder
This driver uses Kernel Space and IOCTL libraries. However, what we intend to implement is a driver including not IOCTL and using not Kernel Space. We desire to directly have access to the AXI Stream FIFO registers from the user space (i.e., as a solution using mmap and have a virtual pointer). We know that we will lose security by bypassing the kernel, but it is not our concern at this point. We hope that we will gain a reasonable speedup by bypassing the kernel space. 

I would appreciate it if anybody has any suggestion or template driver for AXI Stream FIFO to fulfill the abovementioned requirement. Thanks a lot. 


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