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Participant rankeney
Registered: ‎11-26-2014

Adding CDMA interface fails with 2014.4

Attempting to add a CDMA interface to the PL with Vivado 2014.4 doesn't work properly with Petalinux. When the device tree is built, the IRQ information is missing. Adding the needed information doesn't seem to help, and the kernel panics when trying to boot. This wasn't obvious, as looking at the output shows "Starting Kernel...", then nothing. Enabling earlyprintk showed me what happened. Reverting to Vivado 2013.3.1, the problem went away.


The other issue, with 2013.3.1, enabling the xilinx_cdmatest application either during boot or as a module, shows lots of CDMA errors when it runs. Is this an issue with the driver, the test or the PL?




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