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we registered again a team from the class "Lpro Systèmes embarqués" UJF Grenoble in the Xilinx University Contest, OpenHardware 2016 (

This app use Assymetric Multiprocessor : one ARM core for linux/tango device server and the other one for a standalone bare metal app (human safety can't rely on a non deterministic linux app). Communication use OnChipMemory. Linux is custom OpenEmbedded. We use Zynq internal XADC to monitor the current in Transfer Line between Booster and Storage Ring, this current is an image of the radiation dose.


Tango Distributed Control System :


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virtualbox tango/ubuntu image :

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Tango is a free, open source, scalable, efficient SCADA framework : a set of tools and API to monitor industrial appliance of any kinds...
Tango control system was elaborated at the ESRF, a large synchrotron radiation facility in Grenoble, France. The ESRF is a large research laboratory (1500 engineers, researchers, ), a kind of giant microscope to explore organic molecules or others and that uses X rays of high energy (6 GeV) issued from an 850 meters circumference accelerator in more than 40 beams lines operating simultaneously.

Tango Control System is a 100 man/years middleware, which aims at the monitoring 24/7 of more than 200 000 sensors & actuators in the facility. It features among other usage : logging, events driven communication, seamless integration to NI Labview, Matlab, Igor scientific toolboxes or OPC-UA plc, EPICS bus, ...