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Registered: ‎04-10-2019

AxiLite interface with petalinux

I developed an ip on HLS that uses AxiLite interface , exported it and made my block design using the zynq processor on vivado and I tested it on SDK as a baremetal application and it worked exactly as I needed.

Now I need to take my bd  to the PL and run it on the board using petalinux but my problem is that the output is always zero , so I think the ip may needs to wait for a certain amount of time before reading the output or maybe needs to be started and checked whether the calculations inside is done or not in order to get the right output as in SDK but I have no idea how to do so and I have been strugling to solve this issue for weeks , attached is the .C code that I use to run the ip after booting  the board with the bd using petalinux that outputs zeros only .


** /dev/uio0 file is there on the board which indicated my bd is booted successfully .

**My IP work fine on HLS as C simulation and works fine on SDK as standalone app.


Mohamed Taher
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