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Registered: ‎02-21-2018

Background Applications in Shell Script

Hi everyone,


Does anyone know if it is possible to start multiple applications in the background from a bootscript? I currently have the bootscript executes successfully. For testing I just wrote a bunch of hello world prints in a loop with a delay so it doesn't clog the terminal. Right now from the bootscript starts the first application but not the others. I assume that means that it started the application in the foreground. I can start all three apps in the background from the command line, but would like to do it from the bootscript if possible. My script is below.


#!/bin/sh -v

CMD0="cd /usr/bin"
CMD1="testapp &"
CMD2="app2 & testapp2 & testapp 3 &"

echo "Running boot script"

The script starts app2, then locks. App2 is the first application in the boot process with a while(1) loop.


Thanks for any help.

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