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Registered: ‎03-09-2017

Boot command petalinux

petalinux-package --boot --fsbl ./images/linux/zynqmp_fsbl.elf --fpga ../../zcu102_hpc0_axieth/zcu102_hpc0_axieth.runs/impl_1/zcu102_hpc0_axieth_wrapper.bit --pmufw ./images/linux/pmufw.elf  --uboot --force
INFO: File in BOOT BIN: "projects/peta2017.1-zcu102/zcu102/petlnx_zcu102/images/linux/zynqmp_fsbl.elf"
INFO: File in BOOT BIN: "projects/peta2017.1-zcu102/zcu102/petlnx_zcu102/images/linux/pmufw.elf"
INFO: File in BOOT BIN: "projects/peta2017.1-zcu102/zcu102_hpc0_axieth/zcu102_hpc0_axieth.runs/impl_1/zcu102_hpc0_axieth_wrapper.bit"
INFO: File in BOOT BIN: "projects/peta2017.1-zcu102/zcu102/petlnx_zcu102/images/linux/bl31.elf"
INFO: File in BOOT BIN: "projects/peta2017.1-zcu102/zcu102/petlnx_zcu102/images/linux/u-boot.elf"
INFO: Generating zynq binary package BOOT.BIN...
[WARNING]: [fsbl_config] a53_x64 | a53_x32 | r5_single | r5_dual will be deprecated, please use 'destination_cpu' attribute of bootloader partition
INFO: Binary is ready.

How should one use destination cpu attribute of bootloader partition in the boot command for petalinux?

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Registered: ‎03-22-2016

Re: Boot command petalinux

That warning bothers me, too, but it doesn't cause any problems.


What it means is that your build/bootgen.bif file contains a line that is currently just fine, but in a future version of bootgen, it will need to be changed.


bootgen is part of Vivado, And Petalinux is also made by Xilinx. Both are version-matched to eachother, so I suspect that if and when that configuration option is deprecated, Petalinux will be updated so that it generates the correct BIF file.


If you're curious:


$ bootgen -bif_help destination_cpu
 ATTRIBUTE   | destination_cpu                                                |
 DESCRIPTION | *** Only for ZynqMP Architecture ***                           |
             | Specifies which core will execute the partition                |
 USAGE       | [destination_cpu=<options>] <partition>                        |
 OPTIONS     | * a53-0                                                        |
             |   a53-1                                                        |
             |   a53-2                                                        |
             |   a53-3                                                        |
             |   r5-0                                                         |
             |   r5-1                                                         |
             |   r5-lockstep                                                  |
             |   pmu                                                          |
 EXPLANATION | Sample BIF - test.bif                                          |
             | all:                                                           |
             | {                                                              |
             |     [bootloader, destination_cpu=a53-0] fsbl.elf               |
             |     [destination_cpu=r5-1] app.elf                             |
             | }                                                              |
             | This specifies that FSBL will be excuted on A53-0 core and     |
             | application on R5-0 core.                                      |
             | Note: FSBL can run either on A53-0 or R5-0 only.               |
             | Note:                                                          |
             | * PMU loaded by FSBL: [destination_cpu=pmu] pmu.elf            |
             | In this flow, BootROM loads FSBL first, and then FSBL loads the|
             | PMU fw.                                                        |
             | * PMU loaded by BootROM: [pmufw_image] pmu.elf                 |
             | In this flow, BootROM loads PMU first and then the FSBL        |
             | So PMU does the power management tasks, before the FSBL comes  |
             | up.                                                            |
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