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Visitor jrheisey
Registered: ‎07-10-2017

Boot errors and hang with mmc on Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC zcu102 ...

Using Linux extracted from 2016.4-zcu102-release.tar.gz.

Board is Revision 1.0 with Zynq ES2


Can anyone interpret these problematic messages?


[   1.328393] nwl-pcie: probe of fd0e0000.pcie failed with error -22


[   1.330090] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffa80000.dma: Probing channel failed

[   1.330114] xilinx-zynqmp-dma: probe of ffa80000.dma failed with error -2

[   1.330166] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffa90000.dma: main clock not found.

[   1.330180] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffa90000.dma: Probing channel failed

[   1.330200] xilinx-zynqmp-dma: probe of ffa90000.dma failed with error -2

[   1.330251] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffaa0000.dma: main clock not found.

[   1.330265] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffaa0000.dma: Probing channel failed

[   1.330285] xilinx-zynqmp-dma: probe of ffaa0000.dma failed with error -2

[   1.330337] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffab0000.dma: main clock not found.

[   1.330350] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffab0000.dma: Probing channel failed

[   1.330370] xilinx-zynqmp-dma: probe of ffab0000.dma failed with error -2

[   1.330420] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffac0000.dma: main clock not found.

[   1.330434] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffac0000.dma: Probing channel failed

[   1.330453] xilinx-zynqmp-dma: probe of ffac0000.dma failed with error -2

[   1.330504] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffad0000.dma: main clock not found.

[   1.330518] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffad0000.dma: Probing channel failed

[   1.330538] xilinx-zynqmp-dma: probe of ffad0000.dma failed with error -2

[   1.330587] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffae0000.dma: main clock not found.

[   1.330600] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffae0000.dma: Probing channel failed

[   1.330620] xilinx-zynqmp-dma: probe of ffae0000.dma failed with error -2

[   1.330671] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffaf0000.dma: main clock not found.

[   1.330685] xilinx-zynqmp-dma ffaf0000.dma: Probing channel failed

[   1.330705] xilinx-zynqmp-dma: probe of ffaf0000.dma failed with error -2


[   3.470541] cdns-wdt fd4d0000.watchdog: input clock not found

[   3.476283] cdns-wdt: probe of fd4d0000.watchdog failed with error -2


[   3.698669] Waiting for root device /dev/mmcblk0p2...

PMUFW: PmMmioWrite: (NODE_APU) addr=0xFF180358, mask=0x4, value=0x4

PMUFW: PmMmioWrite: (NODE_APU) addr=0xFF180314, mask=0x200, value=0x200

PMUFW: PmMmioWrite: (NODE_APU) addr=0xFF180314, mask=0x100, value=0x100

… more of these


[   3.861319] mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card


[   4.777323] mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising MMC card



- J.R. Heisey


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Registered: ‎12-02-2014

Re: Boot errors and hang with mmc on Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC zcu102 ...

It seems like you may have version discrepancies.  


There are multiple components involved in getting a working zynqmp system, and they pretty much all need to be locked / generated at the same version unfortunately due to a slew of recent updates and workflow decisions.



2) Arm trusted firmware


4) PL bitstream

4) UBOOT FULL / Device Tree

5) LINUX / Device tree


In 2017.1, Xilinx moves to common clock framework.  Please make sure you are not mixing any 2017.1 components with any previous versions.

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