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Registered: ‎02-28-2019

Both ethernet should working at the same time in the U-Boot and/or the QNX, or not?

Hi, I am trying to run both ethernet controllers at the same time on the XC7Z030-1FBG676I SoC with the Marvell PHY chips (88E1111-B2-BAB1I000).

A firmware that I try to write at an FPGA enables two ethernet controllers. But in that firmware I am not able to connect PS MDIO pins to both controllers at a time. I thought that MDIO pins have connected at the both controllers but when I try to run the U-Boot it works only with that controller to which I have connected the MDIO pins.

Should I do something else to make it works, or that crystall doesn't allow that feature? Or I misunderstand how it works? Please, give me some help and/or some ways where I will find the solution and can increase my knowledge. Review of the TRM hasn't resulted a success. :(

Thanks for replying.

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