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Observer fd9750
Registered: ‎06-13-2014

Building linux-xlnx kernel 3.14 on MicroZed board



Not a question but this time but a description on how I got kernel version 3.14 to work and boot on a Microzed Board from an SD card.


I ran into some problems recently with the ethernet connection using kernel version 3.8, see message thread:





I found some more useful info in this message thread:




In the end I got things to work properly: the microzed board now boots from the SD card and runs vesion 3.14 which also eliminated the ethernet connection problems.


In essence I used the SD card content from the SD card to boot version 3.8 and changed the uImage and devicetree.dtb files.


I have attached a description of how I did it, I hope it helps others who want to do the same.

I definitely could have used something like this when I was trying to do it.



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