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Registered: ‎08-31-2017

Can ILA work over Ubuntu boot from SD card in ZYBO ?


Hi, dear experts, 


 We use SD card mode to boot the Ubuntu Linux System from ZYBO with USB-JTAG cable for power supply and it works well. However, now we would like to debug HW logic in the PL of ZYBO via Vivado ILA while Ubuntu  is running over PS of ZYBO. Thus, I want to ask how to make the ILA work under the use case.

According to the Zybo Reference Manual:

The FT2232HQ is also used as the controller for the Digilent USB-JTAG circuitry, but the USB-UART and USB-JTAG functions behave entirely independent of one another. Programmers interested in using the UART functionality of the FT2232 within their design do not need to worry about the JTAG circuitry interfering with the UART data transfers, and vice-versa. The combination of these two features into a single device allows the ZYBO to be programmed, communicated with via UART, and powered from a computer attached with a single Micro USB cable.

Nevertheless, I'm still not quite sure if it can support SD card booting and use of Vivado Hardware Manager via ILA through the same USB-UART/JTAG cable to debug the logic in the PL in ZYBO while Ubuntu Linux is running. Are there anyone having the experience of use case I mentioned ? 

Or do user need to use separate JTAG cable like J12 for ILA in ZYBO ? or the existing UAB-JTAG cable for power supply can also be leveraged while using ILA debug under the SD card booting scenario ?

Please advise or suggest where I can obtain the related resolution or better way to debug via ILA under the scenario.  Thanks


All the best,


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