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Observer bstahlman
Registered: ‎01-31-2017

Confusion on relationship between petalinux and buildroot

After using petalinux-create to create a project and petalinux-build to build it, I was surprised at the absence of a buildroot hierarchy within my project directory. Section 5.2 of the XZD manual discusses creating a linux kernel using only the petalinux tools. Section 5.3 of the manual describes cloning the buildroot repo to create the Dom0 root file system. Is there a reason I shouldn't use buildroot to create both the kernel and the root file system? Are the petalinux kernel creation tools using buildroot internally somehow, or do they just ship with the desired kernel source?


Also, is there a reason I need to use the FSBL and U-Boot binaries built with petalinux if I'm going to be booting Xen? Can I not just build these artifacts with the standard Xilinx SDK?


Finally, I notice that the make for the Dom0 root fs uses a board-specific default configuration file (zynq_ultra_mpsoc_dom0_defconfig). Are there any board-specific configurations baked into the petalinux kernel build, or is all the board-specificity confined to the root fs?



Brett S.

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