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Registered: ‎01-04-2010

DCR access

Hi all ---


I know the canonical answer to this is "write a full-on device driver".  I need to write two registers in the DCR on a Virtex5 PPC440; just two, not a big pile, not a complex operation, not lots of exciting and dynamic chains of events.  Just write two registers.  mtdcr, times two.


Of course, I can't seem to do this in a program running under Linux, as it is a privileged instruction.


I've gone through AppNote 1129, and the odds that I'll screw something up trying to integrate the pieces of that that I actually need, are way beyond my simple need to write two registers.  So I'm looking to the oracles on this forum for another way 'round: can the DCR space be memory-mapped?  Is there a system call to touch DCRs?  What's the most straightforward way to write two DCR registers?


Many thanks ---

Scott McDermott


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