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Registered: ‎01-10-2020

DMA in lockstep mode


I have Linux running on APU and I'm trying to load my standalone openamp application on the RPU slave in Lockstep mode.

In our project, RPU is receiving data via dma and forwarding it further to APU via rpmsg. The RPmsg communication is working correctly (I had to make some changes in my petalinux project in order to make it work).

Now I have some problems with dma packets. RPU was able to initialize the AXI-DMA and I got no errors. But when I try to send some dma packets to RPU, RPU doesn't receive them. (As if RPU has no access to the rx dma buffer or as if no more dma interrupts are being recognized by our RPU application)

The same code works when I run my application from ddr in split mode. 

I'm using Petalinux 2019.2 and you can find my device tree files in the attatchements.

Are there any configurations in order to receive dma packets in lockstep mode ?



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