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Registered: ‎11-02-2014

Debugging Open Source Linux from SDK



I am hoping someone can help me out with a realistic technique for debugging appliaction projects in open source linux. Manually moving the files to the system, starting GDB on the Zynq Linux, and then debugging from the command line in the client system is ridiculous. There must be an easy way to debug comfortably directly from the SDK tool, including pushing the application code to the board. I can't see anything like that for OSL, just a bunch of guides for Petalinux, and guides showing a complex and uncomfortable process for OSL.


What is the normal design flow here?





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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎09-10-2008

Hi Brian,


The assumption from Xilinx (right or wrong) is that if you are doing your own thing without Petalinux you'll be able to figure it out as your a more advanced user or you're using a distribution which will help you. 


The principles are the same regardless of Petalinux or not as it's based on TCF agent, an application that runs on the Linux target (like GDB server, but TCF based).  Then you use the SDK debugger as you would with Petalinux.  You can also use a Remote System Explorer from the SDK which can be based on telnet, SSH, etc.. I believe.


I've not looked lately but the prebuilt rootfs from the Xilinx releases on the wiki likely has the tcf agent built into them.  I don't know where the TCF agent source code is but I've not looked for it.





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We are using Eclipse Kepler to build and source debug Linux C/C++ apps for Zynq. Source debug is via GDB server on the Zynq board, by setting up an appropriate Debug Configuration in Kepler. We use ssh for the remote connection to the Zynq board. Or you can do similar from the Xilinx SDK, which is just a tailored Eclipse implementation. It's actually easier from XSDK since Xilinx does much of the necessary project set-up for you transparently. I believe in XSDK you would chose the "Remote ARM Linux Application" Debug Configuration.
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