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Registered: ‎10-20-2020

ERROR: petalinux-build --sdk stalls indefinitely 2020.2

I am trying to create a small project that will build on a ZCU 104 and control the board's gpio LEDs. I am using Petalinux 2020.2, inside of a VM (VMWare 15) running ubuntu 18.04.4. I have also encountered this problem in Petalinux 2020.1.

I have successfully built the project, incorporated the PL design, and booted the kernel on the board using an SD card. I have also tested the LEDs using petalinux's built in gpio-demo function.

The problem occurs when I try to include sdk/Vitis. Following Xilinx guides, my next step is to navigate to the <project-root>/images/linux folder inside of the project, and use the petalinux-build --sdk command to create a However, when I do this, the command builds nearly all the way and then stalls around the 97% mark. Attached is the screen when it stalls. I have tried the build multiple times, and left the program for hours in hopes that It is just an incredibly long build time with no luck.

I really need to get past this problem so that I can use sdk with petalinux in other projects I am working on. Any insight would be very appreciated!

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