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Registered: ‎12-04-2016

Embedded Software Support Guidelines

There are many system software components needed in order to design and deploy a fully functioning system based on a Xilinx SoC, MPSoC, or FPGA. This software is a combination of components developed and delivered by Xilinx as well as software that is open source and freely available and the support for such software will vary depending on the software in question.

In general, Xilinx will support the latest 2 major versions of the system software and tools that it delivers as part of PetaLinux and Xilinx SDK. Note that "support" means that we will assist in resolving issues via the forums or service requests (if eligible) but does not guarantee any patches or backporting of patches which are handled on a case by case basis.

For the publicly available open-source software, support should first be obtained via the forum or mailing list identified below in the self-support column. Assisted support via service request is provided on an exception basis as outlined in the table below.



Xilinx moderators & employees will engage in discussions on the topics listed below along with the community members

Xilinx Forums encourages community members to engage in discussion on the topics listed below with reduced focus from Xilinx moderators or employees

Other Support Options



  • Issue or enhancement requests related to Xilinx meta layers (meta-xilinx, meta-petalinux,  meta-xilinx-tools, meta-openamp)
  • Petalinux tool installation issues on a supported OS
  • Supported OS can be found in UG1144 (under Installation Steps)
  • Adding any Board Support packages

Note:- Refer to the document version corresponding to the Petalinux version used

  • Optimization or customization of Xilinx provided Kernel
  • Yocto features which are not tested or utilized by Xilinx 
  • Creation of custom recipes in Petalinux
  • Building Custom build scripts for Petalinux
  • Customization of any Open Source User Space Applications
  • 32-bit Applications and Root File System (Multilib)
  • Adding any 3rd party drivers to Petalinux (Ex: Analog Devices drivers)
  • Use of different toolchain version other than the version used in Petalinux



  • Issue or enhancement requests related to the following meta layers:
    • meta-xilinx on GitHub
    • meta-petalinux on GitHub
    • meta-openembedded on GitHub
    • meta-linaro on GitHub
    • meta-virtualization on GitHub
    • meta-openamp on GitHub
    • meta-xilinx-tools on GitHub
    • meta-qt5 on GitHub
  • Modifications made to the Xilinx provided layers: meta-xilinx, meta-petalinux, meta-xilinx-tools, meta-openamp
  • Addition of custom layers in Yocto
  • Customization of the Yocto flow


Other Linux topics

  • Xilinx Vitis/SDK provided reference designs
  • Xilinx provided Board Support Packages
  • FreeRTOS support limited to Xilinx specific BSPs


  • Linux driver related questions for IPs should be posted in the appropriate Xilinx Forums board (Example: PS GEM driver questions should be posted in Networking & Connectivity board and so on)
  • Driver modifications for multi-threaded application support
  • Build systems other than Petalinux/Yocto (Ex: Buildroot, OpenWRT)
  • Customization to Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC Desktop Ubuntu file system
  • U-boot & Linux issues from Opensource code (other than provided in Xilinx GitHub )
  • Non-Xilinx related topics:
    • Issues specific to XEN Hypervisor in general
    • Real-time OS other than FreeRTOS
    • QEMU binaries built from Open Source QEMU

Non-Xilinx Support Avenues:

  • XEN open-source forum







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