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Registered: ‎01-24-2020

Error running bare-metal application from uboot with bootelf

I am using a ZCU102 rev 1.1 board. 

I followed to create a boot image.

I followed to create a baremetal hello world.

I have been able to execute the binary version of the app, but I haven't been able to use the bootelf utility to launch the elf file. I get the "Synchronous Abort"


Serial Console Output:

ZynqMP> fatload mmc 0 0x6000000 Hello_World.elf
reading Hello_World.elf
250832 bytes read in 32 ms (7.5 MiB/s)
ZynqMP> bootelf 0x6000000
## Starting application at 0x06000000 ...
"Synchronous Abort" handler, esr 0x02000000
ELR: ffffffff8e12f000
LR: 8005850
x0 : 0000000000000000 x1 : 000000007ded6f50
x2 : 0000000006000000 x3 : 0000000000000020
x4 : 0000000000000000 x5 : 0000000000000030
x6 : 000000007ff66626 x7 : 000000000000000f
x8 : 000000007dec09d0 x9 : 0000000000000008
x10: 00000000ffffffd0 x11: 000000007dec6110
x12: 0000000000000000 x13: 0000000000000200
x14: 0000000000000009 x15: 0000000000000008
x16: 0000000000008110 x17: 0000000000000000
x18: 000000007dec0df8 x19: 0000000000000000
x20: 0000000000000000 x21: 0000000006000000
x22: 000000007ded6f50 x23: 0000000000000002
x24: 0000000000000002 x25: 0000000000000000
x26: 0000000000000000 x27: 0000000000000000
x28: 000000007ded6fa0 x29: 000000007dec0b10

Resetting CPU ...

### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###


Side question I haven't been able to find much information on how to interpret the output, is there a good reference I can use?


Sorry I am pretty new to embedded development.

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Registered: ‎04-13-2015

Re: Error running bare-metal application from uboot with bootelf

@casuncio the fatload command loads binary files. From the U-Boot help menu:

fatload - load binary file from a dos filesystem

I never tried loading an ELF directly. I load applications by using objcopy on elf files to convert them to binaries and then use fatload.

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Registered: ‎01-24-2020

Re: Error running bare-metal application from uboot with bootelf

How is one supposed to load a elf file from an SD card into memory to be executed with the bootelf utility?

I have been able to do what you describe.
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