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Visitor kg.calrec
Registered: ‎11-09-2015

Error when building U-BOOT for Microblaze ('XILINX_CLOCK_FREQ' undeclared)

I'm following the guidance in "PetaLinux Tools User Guide - Board Bringup Guide" (UG980, 2014.2) (that's the latest version I can find) to build a Petalinux image that I can run on Microblaze on my ZC702 dev kit.


I'm using version 2015.2 of Vivado and the Petalinux SDK. I'm using an hdf file I generated myself in Vivado using the standard Microblaze example project, uncustomised. I also didn't customise any of the settings in petabuild-config. Am I supposed to customise either of these (even though Vivado is targetted at the correct dev kit)? If so, what should I change and how?


petalinux-build fails because of a reference to an undeclared symbol 'XILINX_CLOCK_FREQ' in u-boot/src/u-boot-plnx/arch/microblaze/cpu/timer.c


I've attached the build.log and the config.log.


Is this a configuration error or a missing file in the sdk? I found this forum post and wondered if it might be related.



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Visitor kg.calrec
Registered: ‎11-09-2015

Re: Error when building U-BOOT for Microblaze ('XILINX_CLOCK_FREQ' undeclared)

This turned out to be a configuration issue in my VIvado project. When I got a real FPGA developer doing the Vivado part, he was able to provide me with an HDF file that I imported using:


petalinux-config --get-hw-description=path/to/folder/containing/hdf

Everything built correctly after that.

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