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Visitor slucas
Registered: ‎01-10-2018

FTDI serial adapter driver not working

I am running PetaLinux 2015.4 on the zc702 and I am attempting to connect a USB-to-RS485 adapter with an FTDI chip (FT232RL). This is the specific chip, for which I can find almost no documentation on. I have enable the FTDI single port adapter in the kernel configuration and, according the the help menu, I have also enabled all the dependencies. The adapter is recognized and the lsusb device name is correct, but it never attaches to /dev/ttyUSBx and I never see any driver-specific output messages. Is there something I'm missing here or is this device simply not compatible with PetaLinux? If the latter is true, can anyone recommend a USB-to-RS485 adapter that will work?

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