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Registered: ‎02-18-2014

Failure to create MTD device nodes for QSPI

Working on the zc702 with the TRD reference design. Im testing my encryption/authentication boot processes, and have things working for sd card boot. I now am trying to follow the same processes im running on custom hardware where i generate a new encrypted image via bootgen and run 'flashcp' on a boot partition and a kernel partition, our custom board runs nand and its all working fine.


Are there different steps to create MTD device nodes for QSPI? Do QSPI support MTD?


I've already verified that my partioning is happening the way i think it is, from looking at my dtsi, and system configuration. However my boot partitions are not showing up in my fsbl boot log, like they should if things are working correctly. I also don't see any errors to suggest something isn't working, its just not there.


Any ideas?

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