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Visitor gee
Registered: ‎06-17-2015

From quadros to Petalinux


I noticed at first my message (this message) was placed in the wrong page in Xilinx forum, I'm sorry. 

I am new to this embedded linux and wanted to learn more and more.

If anyone eager to help me shade some light, I'm very much thankful.


Here is the situation:

1. The board has ZYNQ XC7Z020 cpu, loaded with working firmware and using quadros OS coded in DS-5. Lots of functionalities, like I2C, USB OTG, UART, ETHERNET, GPIO (MIO/EMIO), etc.

2. I want to get rid of quadros OS. But retain all functionalities.

3. Instead of quadros OS, I'm going to use Petalinux.

4. My first search result of retaining functionalities was to code everything in User level driver (UIO).



1. Should writing UIO level driver the best method of retaining those functionalities and for production purposes?

2. There are some timing critical in the firmware, can UIO handle it?

3. I stumbled on this site while searching http://blog.idv-tech.com/2014/02/26/zedboard-linux-freertos-amp-board-bringup-guide/, can it be applied to my situation?

4. Can I create an application using xilinx SDK, generate an .elf and put it in my petalinux board? If yes, where to put the .elf file?

5. If only UIO, is there any tool to speed up the UIO development? I've searched the internet and can't find anything like an IDE with petalinux or similar.


Thanks in advance


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