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Registered: ‎01-29-2021

General questions about developing drivers using xilinx hardware / software

Hello community,

I was given a task to develop part of software, which works on Zynq-7020 SoC-Modul mit XC7Z020-L1CLG484I . We already have working software there, I need to add feature to it, which works over paralel port. I have some experience working with microcontrollers like stm32 etc and zero experience writing code for linux.

After search we decided to use pinctrl module. So at first we should write some config like examples from here

and then I will have access to GPIO pins from code. I found several examples which look promising from here


So I dont get one thing; it's a driver for stm32 microcontroller; so petalinux is installed inside microcontroller? Or full microcontroller is "emulated" inside xilinx board? At my current knowledge, I need to depict similar driver for my task and it should be enough?

Is it possible to map memory location to pin group? I mean, I write byte 0xFF in some memory location. and it gets automatically "mapped" on GPIO pins?

Is my way of thinking correct, or am I barking on completely wrong tree? We dont have time to create special module in Vivado, so this task must be done with code only.


Cheers, Michael.



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