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Registered: ‎05-08-2018

HDMI Framebuffer Design can't initialize X11


I am using the HDMI Framebuffer example design (2018.3) for the ZCU102 found in This Link.

It builds successfully and works as expected with the example application (pass-through), however, I want to use this design as a starting point for a project that takes the input video from HDMI Rx, does some processing with the gpu and sends it back to HDMI Tx, but in order to use the GPU I need to enable the X11 (all the options to use the Mali without the X11 did not work so far).

When I include the X11 packages to the petalinux build and try to initialize it using the commands:


$ export DISPLAY=:0.0
$ /usr/bin/Xorg -depth 16 &
$ tricube

The X11 initializes normally when I try to output to displayport, but when I try to output to the HDMI, it fails to initialize.

I select which output is going to be throught the Option "DRICard" "1/2" in the xorg.conf (that's how they do it in the TRD).


Is there any modification that's needed to the HDMI Framebuffer design in order to make the X11 initialize?


Thank you



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Registered: ‎05-08-2018

Re: HDMI Framebuffer Design can't initialize X11

My evaluation license is expiring and I need to know if I can run the X11 in that design so we can decide whether to purchase those cores or not.


Can any xilinx employee tell me that at all?

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